Party Hosts; Tips On Making You Guests Feel Like You’ve Put In A Lot Of Effort When You Actually Haven’t

In an ideal world, our home will be our castle, and only those who we love and care for will enter it. In an ideal world, we’ll have plenty of time (and energy) to spend on prepare for hosting a party, and we’ll have all the money for it too. But the reality is that we don’t live in an ideal world. So, we do what we must, and we manage with what is available. But it doesn’t mean the world should know your secret. Here’s how to make your guests feel like you’ve put in a lot of effort into their meal; without really doing so.

Choose a time slot with care

If you have a say in it, try to host your party or meal in the “off time”. If you invite them over for a main meal, you’ll have to fill your guests up so they don’t leave your home hungry. If you host your “meal” during Italian restaurant in Bangkok or tea, you can get away with serving them a few snacks and drinks. You can also get creative with your food choices.

Be smart about your food selection and how much you do

Pick your battles wisely. If you’re an expert in the kitchen, no doubt you can handle making all the food by yourself without an issue. But if nerves or short serving times generally tend to make you mess up, it’ll be a better idea to try and lighten your load. For example, if you’re planning on doing a dim sum brunch, then order in the dim sum, while you make the egg rolls yourself. If you’re cooking the meal, buy your desert or get it delivered instead.

Cleaning up and closing off parts of your home

If you want to impress you house guests, then the smart thing would be to host your meal indoors. If not, consider hosting it out in the garden instead. Being out in the garden instantly makes everything more charming, and even the simplest of recipes look like you’ve put in a lot of effort. Clean smartly; only doing the areas your guests will see. Close up the rest of your home so your guests don’t accidently wonder there.

The importance of a few well-placed candles and fairy lights

Bringing in the sunlight for parties held on the earlier parts of the day is a great way to make your home look spiffed up and worked on. If your party is to be during the later parts of the day, then make use of candles and fairy lights to make your home look decorated and impressive; with minimum effort. Pair this up with a clean house and some great music, and your guests will feel you’ve slaved the whole day to make your home look lovely…!